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Toilet Bowl Piggy Bank

Yesterday I thrifted a vintage toy “toilet” piggy bank for $2.99. It’s not very sturdy, and, sadly, it wasn’t working, though it had a compartment for batteries. Tomorrow my husband and I are going to the Occidental Fools Parade in Occidental (for reals), California, and I thought this would make a great prop, whether it worked or not.

My dear husband, who has been watching Big Clive videos online, took it apart tonight and after some labors, got it working again. Thanks, honey! All his hours watching Big Clive take apart cheap electrical items from “Poundland” (the UK version of our Dollar Store) have paid off big time for the Foolish Prop Department!

Now, when you (very gently) pull the chain of this delightful toy, it once again makes a screeching flushing sound, rather like a rabid weasel loose in the house, and the blue “bowl water” slides back so a coin can drop into the base.

I can’t say with any certainty, but the J.S.N.Y. stamp on the base appears to refer to Jeffrey Snyder New York, a subsidiary of Etna Products Co., Inc. The only other one of these I found (after a cursory online search) sold on eBay in 2012 for $20.

A collector on Pinterest also has a board of piggy banks that includes this one. Mine works again, thanks to my handyman with his screwdriver and paraffin!

Toilet piggy bank


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