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German & Swedish Postcards

Thrifted two cards a few days ago, 10¢ each. If you didn’t know what Facebook was “for,” it’s so you can get translations from foreign languages (that, or to ask someone to lend you the book for your book club).


In this German postcard, circa 1937, Karl writes to Fräulein Bowman that he had a wonderful night at the theater, and they went out afterwards. They drank beer, which was, of course, just for health and enjoyment, and “to your health!” Wolfman adds his greetings at the end.


Then there’s this photo of a woman, with a message on the back: swedish-postcard-photo-front


I thought this one was also in German, but a friend identified it: “This is in Swedish. The photo was taken on the woman’s 50th birthday and the flowers were received by her as gifts.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In days gone by, people sent postcards; nowadays, we post selfies. In the future, our selfies will also be “vintage.” We have so much in common with those of the past and future, don’t we? Beer and birthdays, flowers and photos and kindly sentiments …

Feel free to comment — especially any of you intrepid visitors  with mad linguistic skills.

Deep appreciation to  Gerrit-Willem Oberman, Joan Krebs-Schmid, and Stefan Jonasson — scholars and world citizens!


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One thought on “German & Swedish Postcards

  1. From Gerrit-Willem Oberman:
    I got the translation of the in fact really Swedish Postcard:

    “This picture/card is from my 50th birthday.
    The clock I have on the wall, I received from relatives and friends. The bowl from the congregation.
    I received a great deal of small things and flowers.
    It was a big high holiday. I had around a hundred people here in the evening. There were so many speeches and lots of singing.
    I felt so small and (??? Simple with it all???),
    but it was fun and a lovely memory for the coming days.”


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