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40/8 Flea Market Dates for 2015

ATTENTION, for those who arrived here via a Google search:
This is not the website for the 40/8 Veterans Flea Market. This is “Things from Thing Stores,” a blog about shopping at flea markets and thrift stores.

I don’t host these flea markets, so don’t ask me to reserve a space for you or call you back; however, contact information for both the 40/8 and the MojoSales flea markets appears in the post below. Similarly, I am not Goodwill, Salvation Army, Pick of the Litter thrift store, Crossing the Jordan thrift store, Macy’s, the U.S. Government, or the Catholic Church — though I may write about those organizations on occasion.


The granddaddy of all Sonoma County flea markets is the 40/8 Veterans series, held on one Sunday a month from May through September in the parking lot of the Santa Rosa Veterans Building,

Not only is it a huge flea market with both out-of-town vendors and lots of locals, but this flea market also provides substantial scholarships for nursing students at Santa Rosa Junior College. So if you’re making a destination trip, be sure to calendar these flea markets.

The dates are all on Sundays, open to the public from 7:30 am  until around 3 pm:

  • May 3
  • June 14
  • July 12
  • Aug 16
  • September 13

If you want to rent a space, email, or leave your contact information on their phone line at (707) 522-9391. Speak slowly and clearly, and spell everything out, because, as they remind us, these veterans are “old, slow, and hard of hearing.” Yet they put in the effort to hold these big fundraisers simply because veterans appreciate nurses.

Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Ave.,Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, California

(P.S. The MojoSales Flea Markets happen more frequently, also on Sundays, also at the Veterans Building. Their contact email is MOJOSALES@HOTMAIL.COM.) 


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9 thoughts on “40/8 Flea Market Dates for 2015

  1. Dallas Giacomini on said:

    The summer flea markets are run by the 40/8 an honor society of the American Legion Post, they are Vets from all times of service, yes many are old, but the flea markets they sponsor go for scholarships for Nursing students at Santa Rosa Jr College, they support education at the local level. The other markets are a commercial rental and subrental for profit. Nothing wrong with profit, but there is a difference. Also most of the Vets left are Korean War and later. I was President when my father was Commander, so I know of what I soapbox. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chris c on said:

    If you cash my check im there if icant confirm you waste my Sunday CAPICE.


    • Read the posts, people. Haha! You think I’m the Vets Building! No, I’m a blogger who writes about shopping at thrift stores and flea markets.
      The post above gives you contact information. Call or email them. I’ll be there only as a shopper.


      • Found them first and then you. The Vets need help them with there site. Needs help and maybe get a better listing for them kinda of hard to find. Name of the market is MOJOSALES FLEA MARKET and its every Sunday.


        • Absolutely, Debra! The 40/8 flea market is run by a bunch of ancient WWII veterans and their wives. They don’t have a website, which is why I posted their contact information here. There are only 5 of those flea markets every year, once a month during the summer months. They’re gigantic!

          The Mojo Flea markets are run by a different lady — though they are also held at the Veterans Building. The Mojo markets are smaller, but they happen more often.


  3. Diane Thompson on said:

    Please call me at 707 836-1581


  4. Diane Thompson on said:

    Can not reach you by phone?? Would like space on June 14!!


    • Diane, I just blog about the thrifting life but am not associated with the flea market itself. The post above has all the information I know. When I called the phone number, the recording gave this information:
      If you want to rent a space, email, or leave your contact information on the phone line at (707) 522-9391.
      Good luck.


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