Things from Thing Stores

Eclectic accumulation via thrift store shopping


The Sunday flea markets are the best. I live close to the Santa Rosa Veterans Building where the flea markets are held, and one quickly learns to pass by the new-goods resellers of cheap toys, and to give just a quick glance to the perennial pro sellers with the same overpriced “vintage” items at their table week after week, waiting for that mythical deep-pockets spender.

The best is the people cleaning out storage units — theirs, a family member’s, or even cheerful Harry himself from Harry’s Second Hand Warehouse, who has dozens of tables at the 40/8 Flea Markets. These guys are ready to deal, they haven’t stripped every item of value, and they often don’t know what all’s in those bins, really; they just want it out of their life. (Did you know the average 10X10 storage unit in Santa Rosa costs $200/month?)

Here’s a find from one such booth. My mom and her partner are great fans of the Pogo comic strip by Walt Kelly. They have all the books now, but in 1973, somebody started their own book by clipping the daily paper.

Pogo scrapbook


I just mailed them this oddity, and they were delighted. (Well, they said they were, anyway.)

Mojosales Flea Market, Santa Rosa Veterans Hall, Santa Rosa, California

Price: $1  



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