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Flat File

A few weeks ago, I bought a flat file at the Crossing the Jordan Thrift Store after seeing it posted on their Facebook page. I’ve long wanted one for storing and organizing crafting supplies,  papers, pens, collages, rubber stamps, etc., and at $70, this was the only one I had been able to consider buying. But time was short, and it wouldn’t last long at the thrift store, so … leap!

I brought it home in two trips in my Volvo station wagon, the 8 drawers first, then a second trip for the file itself.

Wee problem: where to put it?

It’s a monster — 46″w x36″d x 26″h, so the footprint is approximately 4 ft x 3 ft.

A flat file, used to store architectural plans and large art pieces.

A flat file, used to store architectural plans and large art pieces.

While it’s a point of pride that my husband and I don’t have a storage unit, our garage functions as our storage unit. Some is off-season or seldom-used items, but there’s also a lot of stuff we wanted out of the house but didn’t have time to deal with at the time — old files, tools, my art area for making altered books and collages, furniture, suitcases, boxes of wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments, computer components given to my technological husband, and so forth.

The flat file remained under storage blankets on the parking pad as we got to work on the garage. Over a couple of weeks we went through enough boxes that we could make room to bring in the flat file and integrate it into my art space.

“Going through stuff” has been one of those tasks for “later.” Yet unfinished business can drag one’s spirit down. That flat file has been the incentive for a whole new spirit of “going through stuff” and “getting rid of,” for both my husband and me, and that alone has been worth the $70.

Purchased at Crossing the Jordan Thrift Store, 3403 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Paid: $70. Value: $300 


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