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Hello, Katherine!

A few weeks ago at the Goodwill superstore on Stony Point Road, this eye-candy fashion original was in line ahead of me, and I asked if I could photo her for Things from Thing Stores. Here, World, is the lovely and effervescent Katherine Cummings —

Katherine Cummings

Katherine Cummings

Katherine is a student; she and her mom are planning to open an Etsy shop of repurposed items, so keep an eye out for that.

The Goodwill clerk couldn’t get over her Hello Kitty bag and kept talking about it even after Katherine had checked out and left the store. Take inspiration from this bold fashionista. With discriminating thrifting, you can try out new looks on the cheap, and let fashion be your gift of art to the world.


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2 thoughts on “Hello, Katherine!

  1. Adorable! It really looks like she’s having fun with it. #cs5711


  2. Love this: “Let fashion be your gift of art to the world”


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