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Oneida Twin Star Jelly Spoons

If you’re old enough, you may remember Blue Chip Stamps and S&H Green Stamps, which were issued at grocery store checkout stands as extra premiums, then licked and pasted into coupon booklets by the customers. “The Brady Bunch” even had an episode in their first season where the girls and boys fought over how to redeem their stamps. The boys wanted a canoe, and the girls wanted a sewing machine (sigh). (Suffice it to say that everyone was satisfied by the end of the episode.)

From 1929 until 2006, General Mills offered similar coupon premiums from their iconic Betty Crocker character. When the program first rolled out, coupons could be used to get discounts on Oneida flatware. General Mills eventually created exclusive flatware patterns that couldn’t be bought in stores but were available only by redeeming coupons through the Betty Crocker Catalog. A girl would choose one of the patterns for her hope chest, and relatives, neighbors, and friends would contribute coupons so that the girl could complete an entire flatware set. One such flatware pattern was the Oneida Twin Star set.

Of course, I didn’t know any of this when I went thrifting yesterday, but I couldn’t pass by the two cute little spoons with cut-out stars.


Oneida spoons

Oneida Betty Crocker Twin Star Jelly Spoons

Looking up patterns online can take some creativity for a novice such as myself, but since the Oneida label was on the back of the handles, I had a good starting place. Eventually, through different combinations of possible keywords and lots of scrolling through Google Images, I learned that I had purchased two Oneida Twin Star jelly spoons. Yes, these  “pierced” pieces are the jelly spoons. (The sugar spoon is the same size but isn’t pierced.)

The set is beautifully described over at “The Sunshine Grove” blog, which has the full skinny, plus lovely photos of the flatware and the advertising brochures.

Do we have any vintage flatware collectors in the audience today? What patterns are you after? And how exactly does one use a jelly spoon?

Purchased at Sutter Care at Home Thrift Store, 748 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, California

Price: 15¢ each; value: $5-9 each 


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5 thoughts on “Oneida Twin Star Jelly Spoons

  1. Andrea Davis on said:

    Guess what I ate dinner with? “My Rose” pattern flatware, obtained with Betty Crocker coupons and used for 50 years. My mother started giving me spoons as gifts before I started high school and by the time I got my Lane hope chest(recently repainted for my bedroom) I had quite a collection. It has been my everyday flatware ever since and I have all the fancy pieces, including a jelly spoon! Oh, and the reason for the pattern? My middle name is Rose!

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  2. I really like the way those spoons are very unique. Can’t wait to what next neat item you find.


  3. What wonderful finds! Thank you for the lovely mention.

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  4. Yes, I have to say that I remember collecting S&H blue AND green stamps and had a hope chest as well. Congratulations on your find and thanks for the walk down memory lane! cs5711


  5. ellalawrence on said:

    Wonderful post! We had that set of flatware when I was a kid.


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