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Doc Martens & Tate’s Shoe Service

Tim Tate of Tate’s Shoe Service is one of Santa Rosa’s hometown treasures. He cleans, repairs, and advises — shoes, jackets, and probably anything leather you need worked on. It doesn’t bother me any more to pick up shady-looking shoes at thrift stores or the flea market, because Tim can either fix them up or tell me if they aren’t worth saving.

So when I saw this pair of green glitter Doc Martens at the Goodwill on 4th Street, I splurged, even though the boots didn’t have shoelaces. (There were a number of pairs of shoes that day sans shoelaces, oddly.) Took ’em into Tate’s and asked for shoelaces. He counted the eyelets and sold me a long pair of shoelaces for $3.

“Anything else you recommend with these?” I asked.

Tim eyeballed the boots and said, “Just wear ’em.” He examined them inside and out, tested for structural soundness, and pronounced them fine. He said the glitter was original, because the stitching wasn’t affected, and the tongue inside was also green glittered.

green glitter Doc Martens boots from Goodwill

green glitter Doc Martens boots from Goodwill

Now I have to figure out my story for these: maybe I bought them from a starving punk after after a Clash concert in London in 1978? or perhaps I found them dumpster diving when I was living at The Slums in Petaluma in 1982 …

Purchased at Goodwill, 1300 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Paid: $9.99 


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4 thoughts on “Doc Martens & Tate’s Shoe Service

  1. I hope and assume you kept these in your great shoe purge. They are fantastic and somebody has to wear them. Since it won’t be me, at least I’ll get to see them some time if you wear them. P.S. I vote that you got them after the Clash concert. Was I there? I don’t remember, but then, I probably wouldn’t remember a concert in 1978 even the next day. It would be more troubling that I don’t remember being in London.

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    • Remember how we stopped in London on the way to Umbrelistan and rolled those rude boys at the Clash concert for their boots? (And yes, these boots and the fond memories are still in the collection.)


  2. denaree on said:

    I buy used Dansko shoes at the “A Plus For You” consignment store in Eureka. It’s a store with clothes for plus-sized women, but it also has shoes and has some good deals on high-quality shoes.


  3. I love this post. As a Doc Martens Fan and someone who has to be finacially creative I enjoyed the blog. #cs5711


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