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My friend Robin is a card fanatic. His game of choice is Rummy, but he’ll play Hearts for old time’s sake if needed. His wife Gayle doesn’t like cards, leaving Robin to pester 3 additional people at a time to make up a foursome.

Therefore, I want him to learn cribbage, which requires only  2 people and is sufficiently competitive. I have my own cribbage board, but I was happy to find a folding cribbage board with all 6 pegs in the hidden cavity on the underside. Now if he does learn to play, I have a cribbage board with which to reward him!

As for myself, I keep trying weakly and with little success to learn to read Tarot cards.

Thrifted Cribbage board & Tarot deck

Tarot deck & cribbage board

I’ve collected dozens of Tarot decks over the years for their artwork, but my brain is like a colander – info flows in and info flows right out again (taking some dirt with it, I hope). This deck has keywords for each card, which — who knows? — might just do the trick. (Of course I counted to make sure all 78 cards were there, because some clueless people actually donate broken items, or those with key elements missing. Buyer beware!)

Pickin’s were slim at the Hospice Thrift store yesterday. Still, while the big scores are exciting, so are days like yesterday, when thrifting is just for “fun & games.” And I certainly got my $2.83 worth of browsing entertainment.

Sutter Care at Home Thrift Store, 510 Lewis Road, Santa Rosa.
Cribbage board: $1; Tarot deck: $1.50 


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3 thoughts on “Fun & Games

  1. I lOVE Tarot cards i’ve had my pack for 14 years now


  2. Yes, there have been a lot of good 52-card decks over the years. And you’ve given me an idea for my next post … 🙂


  3. Great deals! I would never expect to see either of those — a full Tarot deck or a cribbage board with all six pegs — at a thrift store. I enjoy your dedication: somebody has to do it, and I don’t have time. Have you ever found interesting decks of regular cards?


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