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Junior Scientist Kit with Microscope

Gil Mansergh writes:
“The St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Rohnert Park has a glass case and shelf behind the counter for the more expensive items. My daughter is a marine microbiologist, and I picked up a ‘still in the cellophane’ junior scientist biology lab kit from the 1950’s — complete with a dried frog and fish for dissection. I bought the nearly new kit for $22. I started giving Sarah microscopes (including toy ones) for her birthday several years ago, and am always prowling thrift shops annually to add to her collection. Heck, it’s better than pottery garden statues isn’t it?”

Thanks for sharing your “score from a thing store,” Gil. 



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8 thoughts on “Junior Scientist Kit with Microscope

  1. … so, I wonder why THAT comment got through? Whatever you wanted to say, I do appreciate it!


  2. That’s a good price for a working microscope. It’s always great to find something vintage that has real value. I’m always on the hunt for vintage electronics. Do you know of any good spots where a person can find old videogames and computer parts? #cs5711


    • I’ve been told that Santa Rosa Computer Recycling sells salvaged computer parts.

      For video games, it’s hit or miss. Like everything else, you have to be the lucky one in that thrift store when they’re first put out. It’s worth poking your head into their back room, or wherever they sort donations, to ask, “Where would you put old video games, if you have them?” If you’re lucky, they’ll not only tell you, but also say, “We just got a box full; want to look through it?”
      If they let you have a sneak preview, it would be bad form to ask for a discount, though — the sneak preview IS your “perk.” Just pay what they ask if you think it’s worth it. (And say “thank you.”)


  3. Garcia707 on said:

    I sometimes go to a thrift store every now and then to see if there’s anything vintage that I like. I usually try to find something from my childhood. cs5711.


  4. On a scale of 0-10, 0 being event t-shirts and 10 being a Bill Watterson sketchbook, this is a solid 8.
    I award you an extra 1.5 points for the fact that you are giving it to your daughter.


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