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Schneiders wool coat

This long loden-green wool coat, manufactured by Schneiders in Austria, came from the Goodwill in Petaluma. I have two other felted-wood cropped jackets (one from the old Roseland Goodwill in Santa Rosa, the other from Aubergine Vintage Emporium in Sebastopol), which are good year round, but I’d been looking for a classic overcoat. This long coat with a slightly fitted waist has a vintage feel, though it is 80% wool, 20% polyester (with a lovely viscose lining).
I could tell immediately that this coat would fit me (a generous size 12), but it was on one of the circular display racks just inside the door, so the question was price. Would it be “boutique” priced? No! It had the regular “coat” plastic tag in the label, so it was only $8.99, though similar coats are listed on eBay for $250 and more. 


For the best clothing finds, expect to shop off-season — look for bathing suits and capris in the winter, and heavy coats and scarves in the summer. 



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4 thoughts on “Schneiders wool coat

  1. The shoes here are Ed Hardy sneakers from the Mojo Sunday flea market in Santa Rosa (at the Vets Building). They came without laces and I never put any in.
    My nephew told me that Ed Hardy is a “sweatshop” company, but I pointed out that I didn’t buy them from Ed Hardy, did I?


  2. I want to know about the shoes. What are they, and where did you get them? They look really cool. I like the picture, too.


  3. What a find! Thanks for this blog, I will be keeping a close watch to get tips on where to shop for repurposed clothing within my limited budget. CS5711


  4. Lucille Miles on said:

    Nice! A little drier “voice” than I would expect from you- more like a cross between technical writing and catalog blurbs. Really think this blog will be a staple for many of us. Thrifting is much better in Santa Rosa than in Portland, where Goodwill has a monopoly. That coat would have cost $23.99. Unless is was at a Goodwill “boutique” store, where $40 seems to be the base price.


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