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Stur-Dee Beauty Bar Soap

Stur-Dee Vitamin E Beauty Bar Soap sz

Stur-Dee Health Foods in New York City was a health-food pioneer, opening their first store in 1932. They were early adopters of proper food combining, and of vitamin supplements. (The white “stars” in the margins are just crinkles from where the paper cover was folded around the soap.)


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4 thoughts on “Stur-Dee Beauty Bar Soap

  1. Sandra:
    However, I did a Google Image search for the soap paper wrapper and didn’t get any hits, so I posted it to have it “seen” online.


  2. So is the soap vintage; or is it just the company that’s vintage? Very cool!


  3. It was probably at the flea market at the Vets Building in Santa Rosa. They hold them most Sundays now.


  4. denaree on said:

    Do you remember where you found this?


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